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I've never been anywhere that wasn't beautiful.

I've lived in a few places and travelled to a few more, and I want  to see them all.

For now, southern Alberta is home and the expanse of land and sky is breathtaking.


I enjoy many different styles and genres of photography and i like to experiment.

I use whatever tool I have at hand to capture what I see -- could be my Sony DSLR, could be my iPhone.

i won't let an image get away because i didn't have my camera in my hand at that moment.

i love exploring -- driving down a road i haven't been on before is one of my favourite things to do.

I believe that art makes our souls and our spaces happier - i would be honoured to provide you with high-quality prints to bring joy to your space.

Please contact me if something appeals, or you would like to know where you can see my work, or just to say hi.



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​Leanna W Lomanski
​Lethbridge, AB, Canada

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